Corporate Policy

Environmental policies

In support to the organization's environmental policies, initiatives including water harvesting, trees planting, maintaining green cover, dust suppression systems and emission control systems have been established. All environmental norms laid by the government are strictly followed as well.

Safety Policy

The "Zero Accident" policy is followed by the organization through diverse measures to ensure a safe working environment. All the adequate safety requisites encompassing 24 emergency vehicle availability, safety drills, first aid facilities, tie-ups with local hospitals for faster treatments have been prearranged.

Quality Policy

There is a strong commitment for consistently exceeding the on hand quality standard at every step to delight the clients.

Human Resource Policy

Recruitment & Selection have been followed through paper advertisements, hiring from recruitment agencies and strong word of mouth recruitment. Every deserving candidate is chosen by following a set of systematic HR procedures.

Training & Development are offered to develop skills in graduates, engineers, diploma holders in order to improve their contributions towards the organization. Tie-ups have been established with local educational Institutes to pick up talents.

Compensation Policy includes group insurance in order to ensure that all employees are well covered against unavoidable accidents. The routines and procedures laid down by the government of India are adhered at the Group for compensation purposes.

Employee benefits including production incentives, cleaner environment to work, high business ethics, safety priorities have been prepared to motivate the employees to offer the highest possible efficiency at work.

Green Policy

For every 5 m.t sold, a tree sapling would be donated to ensure green growth. This translates into 4000 trees a year considering production capacity of Kamachi TMT at 4 Lakh m.t. per annum.