How Kamachi TMT Rebars are Superior

Kamachi TMT You Get
ironore Uses virgin iron ore and deploys state-of-the-art steel making and refining process Highly clean & homogenous steel quality
dri Steel is made using DRI - IF - LRF Concast route A highly controlled steel chemistry with very low levels of sulphur & phosphorus
unique Only brand in South india with 0.5 million tons capacity like main steel plants. Prime quality at secondary market prices
uniform Provides precise and uniform parallel rib pattern engraved through computer controlled Robot notch making machines Excellent bond strength with concrete
earthquake Exceeds UTS/YS (Ultimate Tensile strength to yield strength) ratio and high percentage elongation Superior earthquake resistant qualities due to high capability of absorbing energy
surpasses Higher than minimum specified level of Bureau of Indian Standard(BIS) More value for money
uniform_prices Has predefined and transparent pricing Fixed and uniform rates
trust Is a Renowned & Award winning Brand World Class Quality