Why we are Unique Back


State-of-the-art Technology

Liquid refining furnace melts highest grade DRI to form highly durable Billets. World-Class German technology ensures exceptional steel core formation. The production process combined with Vertical-Horizontal stand mill technology ensures fully automated, uniformly shaped TMT Rebars.


Extraordinary Consistency, Exceptional Steel

Simultaneous production of three 8mm billets with advanced slit technology that enables high consistency. This is made possible by exclusive usage of premium quality billets.


In-depth Testing and Tracking

Fully-automated monitoring systems certify the quality of every bar. Furthermore, each one of them can be backtracked to the specific heat and quality of the original high-grade billets.


First Rate Raw Material, Finest quality Steel

Our billets are made from virgin and high grade DRI(Direct Reduced Iron) resulting in pure steel that speaks for itself. These billets are best both in terms of Chemical properties and dimensions.


Remarkable Surface Finish

Modernized cooling-bed at 5m elevation grants even cooling and the Online Pressurized descaler together produce a polished surface across the entire length of every bar.