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Board of Directors


The Kamachi Group is growing by constantly pursuing highest ethical values and fair business practices inculcated and nurtured by the Promoters. They have rendered valuable contributions for the organisation’s sustained growth through their experience of more than 35 years in the steel industry.



Business Ethics

The Kamachi Group follows utmost ethical standards with unmatched quality consistency. These ethics are the essential elements that have raised the group to our present recognition and reputation.

The most productive investment of the Kamachi Group is our people. Kamachi has moved always onward only through the dedication, skills and initiative of our workforce.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Employee development focused schemes.
  • Transparency and Dependability for shareholders.


The Kamachi Group with a turnover of INR 2500 Crores (USD 225 Million), has an experience in Steel Trading for over 35 years and Steel manufacturing for over a decade.

A Humble Beginning

In under 4 decades what started as a trading company of mild steel scrap in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, our group has grown extensively to the heights enjoyed globally today.

An Honest Stride

The Kamachi Group has set the pace for technological innovation at every node in manufacturing our products. The group has a history of successfully taking over various locations in different states, and turning sick units to sustainable profit centres before propelling our green-field project, Kamachi Industries limited to success.

There is always a constant emphasis to constantly improve the current productivity, and to safeguard the environment, apart from augmenting profits with keen focus on go-green initiatives. Kamachi TMT Re-bars roll out from our world class & multiple award winning integrated steel plant to ensure quality and environment friendliness. This ensures that our products are part of structures that last forever.

Corporate Philosophy

The cornerstone of Kamachi Group's existence is based on accomplishing the topmost ethical standards, upholding strong customer focus, enabling a challenging environment, and offering rewarding opportunities for the employees.

The organization will achieve this by focusing on:

  • Self-governance
  • Transparency
  • Expertise
  • Integrity

The Kamachi Group is committed to fair and crystal clear business management based on these principles.

CSR and Philosophy

Kamachi Group aspires to portray itself as a benchmark in the Creation of value and delivering Corporate Citizenship. Through expanding its operations to new geographies, the Group has maintained a collective focus on several other arenas of corporate sustainable growth. This leaves a positive impact on the human force, the environment and the society at large.

Kamachi Group aims to portray itself as a benchmark in conception of values and in delivering Corporate Citizenship. Sustainable growth has been taken up and developed by the Kamachi Group for a long duration. It has been toughened through the setting of goals and succeeding it in all dimensions. With a clear vision, it brings drastic changes in its attempt to come up with novel work pattern and processes.

Through expanding its operations to new geographies, Kamachi Group has maintained a collective focus to the growth of the economy and to endorse economically feasible, communal, and educational improvement within their reach.


  • "Social Responsibility" is not just a phrase for Kamachi group. As the term denotes at Kamachi Group every step furnishes meaning to the community at large.
  • Employment is the fundamental requisite of our nation. Employment for major percentage of people, skilled/unskilled residents in surrounding area directly or indirectly inside or outside the factory.
  • Monetary contribution for Charitable, educational and other developmental activities.
  • The Support offered to develop the local school of the village where the factories are located, is yet another achievement by the Group. Providing nutritious sustenance to over 20 elderly people was our first step in this direction.
  • Revamping local worship places and being a part of other religious festivals bestows them with strong bonds strengthening their relationship.


The growth of the nation lies on the embryonic structure of our education. One of the pillars of success is development of a human. At Kamachi the wellness of human is given top priority.

  • Residential accommodations.
  • Clubs and recreational facilities.
  • Infrastructure for local schools.
  • Village schools in International standards.


The most important topic of consideration is, everywhere around there is a growing concern of environmental impact and global warming. Kamachi Group has been proactive and is registered with United Nations Geneva for carbon credits. Few other credentials are:

  • Quality assured raw material to control pollution.
  • Green Belts to reduce direct environmental impact.
  • We plant a tree for every 5 M.T of production.

Economic Growth

Large Industries with our scale and magnitude has a profound impact on the economy of a country. We understand our presence and make responsible steps to contribute always positively to the economy of the country. Some of the steps incorporated by us are: World class pollution control and continous monitoring equipments, power efficient systems, excellent green belt, water recharge systems, zero waste disposal systems within the complex


Safety award recognition from the state government is just one feather in our safety cap. At Kamachi , safety and well-being of our work force is part of the fundamental ethos. We feature :

  • 24 hrs OHC with ambulance , corporate tie-ups with specialized doctors/hospitals.
  • Medical Camps, eye check-ups, general check-ups, dental check-ups.
  • Free surgery, Consultation and post-op are few other services.